Principal: Jill Chambers               Lead Teacher:  Karen Keeling








What a privilege it is to be the principal of Riverbend Elementary School.  I want to thank you for allowing our staff to be an important part of your child’s life.

I believe that together we can accomplish great things for our children, and that they will impact the future making the world a better place.  Together, as partners, we can lead our children in a growth process that will help them achieve academic excellence and a well-rounded life.

My hope is that our children will see the teachers, administration and parents working together for their continued success.  Riverbend’s teachers are the best of the best. They make the most of every minute, and they continually strive to improve their practice for the benefit of our students. They truly do want to deliver the best possible education ever, but more than anything else, they love children.

For Riverbend to continue on this successful path, we will need your continued support.  We will need all parents coming along side us and using their influence to assist us in drawing the maximum potential out of our children.  In the competitive world of the 21st Century, we must work cooperatively realizing that we are all students on a journey to learn more.   Our school vision is, “Growing together as a community of learners, every day in every way!”  to perpetuate a legacy of excellence.   In other words, our striving for greatness takes place under a wing of caring and compassion and a willingness to learn and improve.

When Riverbend crafted these belief statements we reached for the stars (our children):

·         Riverbend believes in providing stimulating experiences for all children to reach their fullest potential within a positive, secure environment.

·         We also believe a successful school is a community of learners who contribute positively to the school, the community, and the world.

·         In addition, a prosperous school is one that encourages involvement, fosters communication, and welcomes support from students, teachers, parents, and the community, which it serves.

Because of these beliefs we commit to our daily Mission :

We will be passionate about reading and learning.

We will be a positive influence on others.

We will boldly challenge ourselves and one  another.

We will exceed expectations.

We will be problem solvers.

With our vision, mission,  and beliefs driving us, we invite you (parents, grandparents, family and friends) on this journey with our children this year.

Jill Chambers





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