It’s a “whale of a tale” from Riverbend’s fourth graders last year.  The book Rescuing Entangled Whales by Laura F. Johnson sparked some interest in the subject, so the students:  Summer, Mason, Nathan and McGuire went “fishing” for more information.

With the assistance from their Title 1 Tutor, Mrs. Burnette, contact was made with the Center for Coastal Studies in Massachusetts which handles the whale rescue program.  After a phone call to the Center, it was decided the students would conduct an interview with the team’s leader, Scott Landry, via email.  How better to answer their questions than to “talk” with a professional?

The group researched the Center by looking into their website.  They designed a poster, which they are pictured with, and included it digitally along with their interview questions.

Unfortunately, it was this past Fall before they received a response as Mr. Landry was on several rescue missions.   The Center was quite impressed that their work had reached “landlubbers” in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

In addition to answers and learning materials, a print signed by the artist, Robert Clibbon, and which resembles the students’ poster, was included in the Center’s response.

Summer, Mason, Nathan and McGuire commented that through books and technology you can “sail away” to different places and times, “drop anchor” and enjoy learning about them.  They went on to say you never know who you’ll meet along the way.

Thank you again to Scott Landry and the Center for Coastal Studies.


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