The fourth grade students at Riverbend Elementary recently honored our state vegetable by creating Sweet Potato creatures! The annual home project was again a great success! “Albert Einstein”, “Christopher Columbus”, and a host of other interesting creations were displayed in the school lobby prior to Thanksgiving. This was part of a social studies unit where students learn about the ‘taters.
A team of faculty members had the difficult task of choosing winners from each classroom. Boyd Kirkpatrick took the overall certificate for his creation of “Bob Ross.” All the students had a great time and all were winners!

OVERALL WINNER: Bob Ross– By Boyd Kirkpatrick


Mrs Bigsby’s 1st Place Winner: Harry Po “tot”er by Addie Schmersahl


Mrs. Scapin’s 1st Place Winner: Christopher Columbus by Nathan Wyatt

Mrs. Bigsby’s 2nd Place Winner: Lily Liberty by Heidi Lanning


Mrs. Scapin’s 2nd Place Winner: Ben Franklin by Sam Clontz




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