We are very proud of our 5th Grade students for completing their DARE classes and graduating with praise from Officer Tyler Howell.  Students had to write an essay about what they had learned during the 10 week course to be able to graduate.  Three winners were chosen from the two classes; one from each class and an overall winner.  This year Mrs. Hernandez-Young’s classroom winner was Anna Stepp and Ms. Huneycutt’s classroom winner was Samantha Tragesser.  The overall school winner was Whitford Birthright.  All students received a certificate for completion of the DARE course  and a T-shirt.  The final award, Tommy Green Award, is given to the student who demonstrates leadership qualities and a willingness to try hard and do their best.  This year’s winner is Ashley Rathbone.  Congratulations to all our 5th Graders!!


Anna Stepp

Samantha Tragesser

Whitford Birthright


Ashley Rathbone


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