Students at Riverbend have been working hard this year to be “Problem Solvers” and the teachers are providing more challenging and engaging lessons/activities that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Students have never been more excited about these new opportunities to expand their thinking and problem solving skills.  They have had the chance to create, collaborate, and construct solutions to a variety of problems.  Kindergarten and 1st Grade students have been building new and better houses for the “Three Little Pigs” to with stand the “BIG BAD WOLF” in the Media Center.  Third grade students constructed  Marshmallow Catapults and are testing their design by measuring the distance and accuracy.  These are just some of the activities that allow Riverbend students and teachers to be better thinkers and problem solvers.  We are striving for a more “STEM-minded” culture here at Riverbend and want to use STEM: Strategies That Engage Minds to reach our students in a variety of ways.

Here are our Problem Solving Panthers in action!!  More to come…

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