Dear Families: 

We are glad to offer an After School Program at Riverbend Elementary School again this year.  For a child to attend our After School program, state child care laws require that ALL pertinent paperwork is in place before attending.  We kindly request that every family have an application on file for each student, along with the $10 deposit per child, as you never know when you might need to use this program. 

Important information as follows: 


  • Application – complete and return with $6 minimum deposit for each child attending 
  • Fees – must be paid in advance before child can stay
  • Rates – $12 per day, $60 per week 
      • Second child in the family is $50 per week; third child is $45 per week 
      • Fees for 2:50-3:30 are $6 per child
  • Keep in mind that we have to meet the ratio of caregiver to child regardless of the length of time they stay. 
  • This year After School rates were raised and are consistent across the county in all HCS After School Programs. This decision was made countywide to account for wage raises for employees.  
  • Late Fees – will be assessed if child is not picked up by 6:00 pm 
  • Snacks – provided to meet USDA guidelines and consist of two nutritional components per each serving
  • Hours – 2:50- 6:00 pm 
  • In the event of inclement weather and an early school closure After School will remain open only for 3 hours after the early dismissal time. If needed, based on safety concerns, After School could potentially close earlier. Phone calls/ Remind messages will be made.
      • After School is not open on teacher workdays; or the day Christmas break begins; or the last day of school. 
  • Car Riders – not picked up by 3:10 pm will be sent to After School. Those fees will be due that day upon student pick up. 
  • After School Activities – before students are permitted to participate in any after school activity such as Bible Club, Girls Growing Strong, tutoring, etc. on Riverbend campus, a completed after school application and deposit must be turned in for the student. 
  • Parent Attestation – by your signature, you understand the After School guidelines 

Thank you for being proactive, and whether you ever use this service or not, you know it is available, providing all paperwork with a minimum of $10 deposit is on file.


Karley Wells


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