Perfect Attendance Awards for the first 9 weeks were awarded to students on October 24th.  Students received an award if they had no absences, tardies, or early check outs during the first 9 weeks.  The award winners were recognized during the morning announcements and were giving a blue Perfect Attendance Ribbon.  Riverbend had a total of 27 Perfect Attendance Winners!  Their picture is mounted in the front foyer at the entrance to the office for parents and students to admire.  Listed below are the names of the students who received an award.


Carolina Hernandez

Olivia Messer

Samuel Smith

Luke Soesbee

 First Grade: 

Hunter McMahan

Jacob Sutton

 Second Grade: 

Caden Cook

Nevaeh Hourani

Michael Presnell

Layla Ferguson

Leland Gentry

Lillian Klein

 Third Grade: 

Whitford Birthright

Lisa Rose

Anna Stepp

Jackson Ryan Sutton

Logan Russell

Emily Smith

 Fourth Grade:

Joseph Clontz

Richie Tannerhill

Ivy Blazer

 Fifth Grade:

Braidon Lopez

Thomas Worley

Ian Enggren

Braiden Green

Aubrey Haynes

Mason Stepp


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